Thursday, November 15, 2018

Digital Recording

Digital Recording Services  From full-length CDs to basic demo tapes, including graphics and layout, The Logon Cafe is ready to take on your Live Recording project.   We do not do studio recordings since we are not equipped to handle them.   Instead, our focus is fixed on capturing the energy and occassional magic of the live concert.


Digital Recording Services  Start with a relaxed atmosphere, a great sounding room, and a few dozen friends in the audience, and you've got a good foundation for your live recording.   The trained sound staff at The Logon Cafe can capture your performance digitally, mix it down, and have it mastered professionally.   We can record up to 16 simultaneous tracks of audio, and will be upgrading our equipment to handle even more in the coming year.

recording services



Open Mic Night Special
Every Wednesday at 7:30. Live recording only, no over-dubs, mixdown cost included, demo quality results.

3 song / 2 channel recording
3 song / 4 channel recording


Live Digital Recording
Recordings take place during Open Mic Night, regularly scheduled shows, or on Sundays if needed. Additional fees apply to Sunday recording sessions. Cost does not include mixing & mastering time.

$4 per channel, per song
($4 x 6 channels x 6 songs = $144)


Mixing & Mastering
When you are finished recording, the raw tracks will need to be mixed and mastered individually.

Control signal levels, equalize tracks, add effects & compression, cut into songs, mix and master individual songs, burn recording to master disc for customer.


recording samples

The following songs were recorded, mixed and mastered at The Logon Cafe.

  1. Richard Earl - Down Home Blues.mp3
  2. Richard Earl - Dock of The Bay.mp3
  3. Richard Earl - Last Two Dollars.mp3
  4. Richard Earl - The Thrill Is Gone.mp3
  5. Richard Earl - If I Could Turn Back The Hands of Time.mp3